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This Transit Van conversion is not yet complete-- this site will be updated as the build progresses. Grey buttons do not have information posted yet.

Introduction & Philosophy

The purpose of this website is to document how the Transit cargo van was modified to make it suitable for travel. The design objective was to build a small van that can be parked anywhere and is comfortable for two people to travel in.

The Transit is my second conversion. I previously built a conversion in a 2008 Sprinter and sold it in 2014. The Sprinter worked well as a travel vehicle but I had multiple reasons for selling it and replacing it with the Transit. The primary reasons for selling the Sprinter were limited service locations, wanted to get rid of the diesel engine, very expensive service costs, poorly designed transmission, I had a list of 100 ways to improve the conversion and I had lost confidence in the Sprinter's reliability.

The conversion portion of the Sprinter worked well. The Transit version will be very similar. Lots of detail changes but the layout is the same. Both the Sprinter and the Transit are as stealth as possible. The only visual indication that it is not a tradesman's van is the solar panel. Solar panel is not visible unless you are some distance from the van. The stealth requirement eliminates bikes hanging off the back, an awning, sun shades in the cab windows, funny graphics, visible utility connections etc. Outside of van must look stock.

We dislike RV parks with each RV parked looking at the next RV's sewer pipe and the noise level. We prefer to park on city streets, camp sites without utilities, casino's, Ford dealers, near B & B's etc. Van must be self contained without any need for utility connections. We can park where RV's are not allowed.

I have done some things a bit different than what most people do when converting a van for travel. Details are described in each menu section.

Hopefully this web site will be useful to others who want to build a conversion or have someone else build it for them. One thing to keep in mind is everyone has different requirements so what I have done may be inappropriate for their conversion. Different climates affect how the conversion should be built. We live in Northern California so we have a mild climate. I am sure some of the ideas described here will prove to be useful to some readers.

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