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Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony

The Sprinter build worked very well but there were about 100 improvements/changes that made the Transit build better.  The following list describes the improvements/changes.

58.  Added Cutting Board    Made a holder for the cutting board on back of sink door.

59.  Plastic Shower Walls    Sprinter had painted plywood shower walls.  Transit has
    Macrolux twin wall polycarbonate walls.
60.  Eliminated Sink Bottom Drawer    Left open slot at bottom of sink cabinet for the storage of
    the Camp Chef Ranger II two burner propane stove.
61.  Replaced Coleman Stove    Replaced 10,000 btu stove with Camp Chef 17,000 btu
    two burner stove to enable boiling water in the wind.
62.  Shortened Sink Cabinet Door    Enables removal of stove and allows opening of door if
    person sleeping in the aisle.
63.  3 Sink Drawers Instead of 4    Eliminated one drawer to allow storage of propane stove
    at bottom of sink cabinet.
64.  Portapotti Support Change    Put shower water tank under portapotti to use the space
    and elevate the portapotti to correct height.
65.  Added Counter Height Shelf    Added second shelf in shower  to more than double 
    counter surface area.
66.  Shower Shelves Removable    Both shower shelves are easily removed to shower.

67.  Plastic Decking Header    Hid end of flooring at back doors with plastic decking.

68.  New Design Panel Attachment    Used 3/4" wood strip glued to 7/32" plywood to bolt
    plywood panel to the 80/20 frame.
69.  Added 12 volt plug     Added plug at end of bench seat on driver side.

70.  Removed Outlets From Panel    Sprinter had a 120 volt duplex outlet and a 12 volt plug
    in the seat panel.  Deleted both.
71.  Deleted Sink Duplex Outlet    Moved outlet to forward wall of sink cabinet.

72.  Moved Solar Controller    Morningstar MPPT solar controller moved inside the 
    electrical cabinet.  No need to see the flashing lights at
    night.  Do not need to see it.
73.  Added Solar Circuit Breaker    Makes it possible to turn off the solar power.

74.  Removed One 80/20 Extrusion    Have four across van extrusions in floor framework in 
    Transit instead of 5 that were in the Sprinter.
75.  Added Sink Light Switch    Relocated sink overhead light switch to forward end
    of sink so it can be reached from in front of the sink as
    well as from outside the open slider door.
76.  Revised Lighting    Put lights over the area that needs light.  Two above the 
    sink, one above shower and one above rear doors.  
77.  Added LED String Lights    Put LED string lights in the bottom slot of the upper 
    cabinet's bottom 80/20 extrusion.  Switches on cabinet
    bottom so they can be reached from bed or aisle.
78.  Eliminated General Lighting    Removed general ceiling lighting and replaced with lights
    located directly above what needed lights.
79.  Window Cover Storage     Store Relectix window covers behind bed panels.

80.  Interior Ceiling and Wall Paint    Used Hy-Tech Kote # 2150 insulating spheres in paint. 

81.  Water Quick Disconnect    Put garden hose quick disconnects on fresh water pump
    outlet and on shower water pump outlet.
82.  Eliminated Seat End Panels    Left under seat end open for easier access.

83.  Storage Baskets Rotated    The Hole Goods Simplify # 25092 10" x 12" x 8" tall     
    baskets were turned 90 degrees to add one basket
    in each upper storage cabinet.
84.  Cabinet Under Refrigerator    Used a door instead of two drawers.

85.  Raised Refrigerator    Removed the Magnum Remote from above the 
    refrigerator and raised the refrigerator up.  Easier
    access and increased storage space under refrigerator.
86.  Relocate 8D House Battery    Sprinter 8D was between the left rear wheel well and
    the rear door. Transit had to have 8D located in front of
    the left rear wheel well.
87.  Automated Vehicle Inverter    The Sprinter vehicle powered inverter was manual 
    start/stop.  Had to restart every time engine restarted.
    Transit inverter can be set to automatically restart each 

  time engine starts.
88.  Heat Shower Water     Added the ability to use excess solar power to heat the
    shower water on full sun days.
89.  Sink Table Support    Added door below fold down table to support table.

90. Indoor/outdoor Carpet Rugs    Cut three easily removed carpets to cover floor.  

91.  Clear Water Hose to Sink    Used clear hose to sink faucet so fresh water tank level
    is visable.
92.  Painted Plywood Edge    Sprinter had solid cherry to hide plywood edge.  Painted 
    the plywood edge in Transit. 
93.  Increased Bed Length    Sprinter had 70" bed length.  Transit has 73 1/2" bed 
    length accomplished by not filling the window indents
    with insulation.
94.  Passenger Seat Swivel    Fabricated the seat swivel
95.  Two Solar Cable Fittings    Used two 90 degree bulkhead cable fittings instead of 
96.  Retained MC4 Solar Connectors    MC4 connectors are between roof penetrations and the 
    solar panel.  Easy to change panel if required.
97.  Light Out Slider Door    Added a LED light to use when slider door is open.

98.  Used 1" Closed Cell Insulation    In deep pockets above and below the window indents the 
    closed cell foam was used instead of small pieces of 
    Polyiso rigid insulation.  Two layers easier to install.
99.  Added Fresh Water Fill Tube    Used PVC pipe to pipe water to the fresh water tank.
    Use boat transom expandable rubber plug to close.
100.  Added Sink Storage    Shortened the sink drawers to add storage between
    end of drawers and the fold down table.
101.  Added Cubby Hole Storage    Built 3 pocket holes in wall  on both side walls for storage.

102.  Privacy Curtain Locations    Privacy curtain can be located at four different locations.

103.  Plastic Container Storage    Added row of plastic storage containers above slider door.

104.  Continuous Hinges    Door hinges are continuous aluminum hinges without    holes cut to full length of the door.  Holes drilled where
    needed for mounting.  


1. Ford

Gas engine available, lower repair costs, more service locations, dash gages, limited slip option, no limp home mode, not a  Mercedes.

2. Gas Engine

Less initial cost, lower scheduled maintenance costs, simpler emission system, no glow plugs,

idle possible.

3. Extruded Macrolux Ceiling

Lighter than expanded PVC, does not mar and some insulation properties.

4. Table for Two 

Much easier to fold up bed panels to create table for two.

5. Eliminate Electrical Reel 

Changed to simple 3 prong plug under driver door.

6. Delete Rear Curtains

Reflectix foil with tabs fit in slot between glass and door steel.

7. Window Insulation

 Added removable Reflectix window covers instead of  cloth curtains.

8. Replaced Removable Bed Panels

Added hinged panels that store vertical against van walls.

9.  3" x 3/4"   80/20 Table Legs 

 Changed from narrow SS tube to wider 80/20 to increase stability.

10. Moved Bed Platform Forward

11. Centrifugal Water Pump 

Added space between table and rear doors to provide room for folding bike storage.

 Less cost, low noise and less space required compared to    normal positive displacement RV pump.

12. Fabricated SS Shower Tank 

 Replaced portable 5 gallon beer keg with custom SS tank.    Tank is also the pedestal for the porta potti to bring it up    to the proper height.

13. Added Electric Air Heater

Permanently installed a Broan # 124 750 watt air heater with a 86W thermostat.  Sprinter had portable heater.

14. Larger Solar Panel 

300 watt LG Model LG300N1C-B3 solar panel.  Replaced two 205 watt panel that was used on the Sprinter.

15. 1000 watt Vehicle Inverter

Changed from 600 watt in Sprinter to 1000 watt.  Can charge at 50 amps, run 750 watt air heater and a 625 watt shower water heater.

16. Samlex SK1000K-112 Inverter

Pure sine with CR-8 remote with automatic start/stop to replace 600 watt Xantrx Prowatt inverter.

17. Reduced Number of Duplex

Sprinter had 8 and Transit has 6 Electrical Outlets

18. Blue Sky DC Fuse Block 

5026 has positive and negative terminal blocks, easier wiring and identification tags. Sprinter had a Iota IDP-30 combination AC/DC panel.

19. Added 6 Position Fuse Block 

Installed 6 position on passenger side to power 12 volt     items on passenger side of van.  Less wiring crossing van.

20. Larger Electrical Panel Space 

 More room for wiring and controls.

21. Different Refrigerator

Vitrifrigo C85iBD4-F has compressor located at the bottom instead of the top.  Larger freezer size, one additional door shelf and is 1/3 more efficient.

22.  Deleted 80/20 Roof Rack

Less visible from the street without rack.  Used two angles at each corner of panel.  Added wood supports between the roof ribs inside the van.

23.  Center Bottom Drawer Guides  

Wood guides instead of ball guides.

24.  80/20 Sink Cabinet 

 Sprinter had wood cabinet without 80/20

25.  Sink Countertop

Used 1/2" Corian instead of thick maple laminate.

26.  Gray Water Tank Location

Gray tank located on slider door side of van instead of  driver side to allow more under van storage.

27.  1/4" Cabinet Panels  

28.  Used Elastic Stop Nuts

29.  Light Over Passenger Seat Table  

Sprinter had 1/2" panels.

Bolts loosened in Sprinter with serrated flange nuts.

Added light over table.

30.  Thermally Isolated 80/20 Frame

Bolted Sprinter 80/20 directly to the Sprinter steel body. Added plywood or plastic spacers between 80/20 and Transit body to provide a thermal break.

31.  Fabricated SS Shower Pan

Needed smaller size shower pan.

32.  Added Inside Van Tent

Double layer cloth with Thinsulate between the layers. Wanted to heat smaller space.

33. Increased Height of Shower

Transit high roof van is taller than Sprinter high roof.

34. Relocated Circuit Breakers

Installed circuit breakers on indented panel instead of inside the electrical panel.

35. Added 4 Position Selector Switch 

Switch directs power to charger or shower water heater or air heater or off. 

36. Upper Cabinet Plywood Floor 

Used plywood to connect front 80/20 frame back to wall. 

37. Eliminated Basket Railing

Lowered floor and used lower extrusion for retaining rail. 

38. Relocated Shore Power Switch

Switch moved to control panel at top of shower wall. 

39. Added 12 Volt Plugs at Bed

Added plugs at both ends of bed platform. 

40. Insulated Bed Panels 

Bed panels are a sandwich of 7/32" Plywood on top, 1" rigid polyiso center and 3/16" indoor / outdoor carpet bottom. 

41. Changed Lift Up Table Slide

Used 1" 80/20 extrusion with linear bearings for table side to center table on passenger seat. 

42. Sink Plugs and Light Switch 

Added 120 volt duplex outlet, 12 volt plug and sink light switch to forward end of sink. 

43. Rotate Porta Potti 90 Degrees

Rotating the toilet 90 degrees added more standing room in shower. 

44. Sink Water Switch

Added switch to start / stop water pump on wall behind the sink. 

45. One Piece Seat Top

One piece of 15/32" plywood for seats instead of three pieces. 

46. No Sot in Ceiling 80/20

Cleaner look to framework. 

47. Rubber Floor Not Under Sink 

Sprinter sink was on top of rubber floor. Transit rubber can be lifted and removed. 

48. Seat Back Removable 

Could not easily remove seat back on Sprinter. 

49. Shorter Seat Back Length 

Seat back does not have angle at back of van. 

50. Remote Start  

Transit remote start option purchased. Can start engine while still in bed to heat the van interior

51. Relocate Vehicle Inverter

Vehicle powered inverter is located behind the driver seat instead of behind the passenger seat. Transit inverter is not enclosed in a housing for better cooling. 

52. 1" Gray Eater Tank Drain

The Sprinter drain was previously 3/4" 

53. No Gray Water Drain Valve

Used 1" Transom plug instead of a valve

54. New Design Panel Angle

Changed design of the angle bolted to the 80/20 for panel mounting

55. Got Rid of Propane Tank 

Bought refillable 1 # propane bottles. Local sporting goods store will fill 1# bottles for free. 

56. Added 1/8" MLV Under Floor 

Mass loaded vinyl on top of floor corrugations. 

57. Shortened Fresh Water Tank 

Shorter fresh water tank allows more storage under the sink. 
















































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