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The Transit single rear wheel cargo vans do not have a rear anti-roll bar.  The passenger vans and the 350 dual wheel vans have the rear bar.  Ford hanger arms bolt into a threaded hole located on the outside of the frame rail.  Unfortunately the cargo vans without the bars have the hole in the frame at the correct location but Ford saved money by not installing the threaded insert in the hole.  (The extended van has the threaded holes without the bar) Fortunately there is another hole on the inside of the frame rail that lines up with the outside frame hole.  Unfortunately the inside frame hole on the right side is covered by the exhaust pipe hanger bracket.  The bracket must be removed and the top 1 1/2" needs to be cut off to expose the inner hole.  The top 1 1/2" is unnecessary and does not contribute to the strength of the bracket.











With the four holes exposed, a 130mm long 12 mm diameter bolt can be used to bolt the top of the hanger bracket to the frame.  The frame holes are 16mm diameter so four flange bearings are required to sleeve the holes to the 12mm bolt diameter.

The Ford parts required are:
Bar:    Qty - 1    Part # CK4Z*5A772*D
Hanger Rods:  Qty - 2    Part # BK3Z*5C486*A
Insulator (Rubber bushing around bar):  Qty - 2    Part # BK3Z*5493*A
Clamp:  Qty - 2    Part # BK3Z*5B484*A
Clamp Bolt:  Qty - 4    Part # W716275*S442
Clamp Nut:  Qty - 4    Part # W500633*S442
Flange Nut:  Qty - 4  Part # W520114*S442
Flat washers:  Qty - 6  Part # W715542*S442  Washers are between hanger bushing and the roll bar at the bottom of the rod and on both sides of hanger bushing at the top of the rod.  Also used one between nut and flange bearing on inside of frame  rail.

The McMaster-Car parts required:
Long 12mm x 130mm Upper Hanger Bolts:  Qty - 1 (Package of 5)  Part # 91280A745  (Two used)
Metric Flange Bushing:  Qty - 4    Part # 5448T12  ( 12mm ID x 16mm OD with 23mm flange OD.)

1. Remove the exhaust hanger bracket and cut off the top 1 1/2".  (Had this done at muffler shop for $25.00)
2. Install the four flange bearings in the frame holes.  Used hammer to tap into holes.  Perfect fit.
3. Install the hanger rods.  Put flat washer on bolt, then the hanger rod and add another flat washer.  Put assembly through the two flange bearings, add a flat washer and then the flanged nut.  Bolt and nut use a 18mm socket.  Do not overtighten or the frame rail sides will deform.
4. Install the four clamp nut clips on the axle saddles.  Bolt one end of the bar to one saddle using one loose bolt.  Pivot bar up to the second saddle and install one bolt.  Complete by installing the other two bolts.  Bolts require a 13mm socket.  Bar is not symmetrical but it is obvious which way it goes to clear the rear end housing.
5. Put hanger bolt in the bar hole.  Hanger rods move enough to do this.  Add a flat washer and the flanged nut.  Hanger hex bolt head is 30mm and flange nut is 18mm.
The flanged nuts are some sort of interference fit so do not require a lock washer.  Takes some effort to thread the nuts on the bolts.
6. Torque all bolts to the correct setting.  I had this done by Ford dealer since I did not know the correct torque settings.
Results justify the effort to install the bar.  The van feels much better when cornering.  A rear bar removes some of the understeering.  The bar addition reduces the amount of body movement from passing trucks and in windy conditions.

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