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The spare tire and wheel on the Transit are identical to the other four tires.  The base wheels package has four silver wheels with a black hubcap and a black spare tire wheel.  The Hankook tires are not single direction tires so full 5 tire rotation is possible. Since I want to rotate all 5 tires I bought the 64H option for the 2015 Transit which changes the four wheels on the ground to black and replaces the black hub cap with a silver full wheel cover.

The spare does not have a pressure sending sensor installed.  My spare did not have any balance weights on the wheel so maybe Ford does not balance the spare either.  On my first tire rotation at 7500 miles I put the spare on the right rear.  Since it did not have a sending unit that triggered two warning lights on the dash and a "low tire pressure" message.  Not a problem except the "low tire pressure" message was always on and replaced any other display message.  Asked dealer if I could add the sending unit and was told system would not work with 5 sending units.  Had read somewhere that it would work.  So bought another sending unit from Ford for $100.82.  Had Big O tire shop do a tire rotation at 15,000 miles, balance the spare and add the sending unit.  Big O could not reset the TPMS system.  Took van to Ford dealer and they did reset the system. The part number for the sending unit was 9L3Z*1A189*A.

Both the warning message and the two malfunction dash lights are now off.
I did trade the four silver full wheel covers for four small Ford black plastic hub caps.

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