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On the 2015 Transit the passenger side rear door can not easily be pulled closed from inside the van. Added a black plastic door handle bolted to two existing holes in the door. The holes are spaced at about 4 5/8" apart and are the correct size for 1/4-20NC prebulbed insert. installed the two inserts and found a suitable handle that matched the hole centers. 

The inserts were Penn Engineering part #AES25P280PBZYR. Another insert choice is Plusnuts part #RN2520280PN3. The install tool was purchased from McMaster-Carr and is part #96349A555 1/4-20. Did have to change the tool bolt to a longer bolt the prebulbed inserts are longer than normal inserts. Replaced bolt with a 1/4-20NC x 2 1/2" long bolt. 

The handle was purchased from T-Slots. Item #655059, It is designed for 5/16-18NC screws with a center distance of 4.80". Worked fine with two socket head 1/4-20NC screws with a flat washer. 

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