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The fresh water system is different than a normal RV.  Did not want a positive displacement pump because they are noisy and require a lot of space.  Prefer a system that is not pressurized when not in use to reduce the possibility of a water leak.  Instead I used a small solar centrifugal water pump that is quiet and requires about 1/4 the space.  System does require a pump on/off switch when water is wanted at the sink faucet.  Only cold water is available at the sink.














The 23 gallon fresh water tank is located above and in front of the passenger side rear wheel well under the bench seat.  The tank water inlet is on the forward end of the tank at the top and has 3/4" PVC piping for a fill tube.  When not being filled a 1" West Marine # 183434 expandable boat transom rubber plug is used to plug the fill opening.  The tank is filled with the slider door open using a garden hose with a Milton # 209 radiator fill valve that has a 90 degree hose end.  Tank is never pressurized.  The tank outlet has a 3/4" plastic hose to the water pump inlet.  The water pump is located below the tank at the back end of the slider door step.  The centrifugal pump is a Topsflo # TS-5 12 volt DC pump.  The pump is started/stopped with a switch on wall behind the sink cabinet.

The pump outlet has a tee.  From one side of the tee there is a ball valve and a garden hose quick disconnect in the slider door step.  The fresh water tank can be drained when pump is turned off and the ball valve is opened.  A hose can be connected to the quick disconnect to get pressurized water with the pump running.  The other outlet from the tee is piped to the sink faucet.  A clear plastic tube is installed in the vertical piping up to the Aravon O2 Tetra faucet so the fresh water tank level can be seen.  There is another tee in the faucet feed piping that lets a small amount of water return to the fresh water tank.  The purpose of this fresh water being returned to the tank is to prevent the water pump from overheating if pump is running with the faucet off.

On top of the tank in the middle are two 3/8" half couplings.  One coupling is used for the small amount of pump output return water.  The second coupling is used for the fresh water tank air vent.   3/8" OD plastic tubing goes from the top of the tank up to just under the sink counter top.  The end of the tubing terminates with a 3/8" Norgren # C/S3 pneumatic valve plastic muffler.  The muffler seals the tubing end from contaminants but lets air flow through the muffler. Also on top of the tank are two 4" x 7" removable cleanout plates.

Fresh Water System Piping Drawing # ODJ127-21                          

If you want more PDF menu choices the drawing can be saved to your computer and then reopened with Adobe PDF Reader.  The Adobe PDF Reader is a better program to use for viewing.

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