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The 23 gallon fresh water tank, the 6 gallon shower water tank and the 10 gallon gray water tank are fabricated from 14 gauge 304 stainless steel.  There were a couple of reasons why SS tanks were used.  Custom size tanks maximize the capacity in the available space and I have experience designing SS conveyors so know how to make a drawing that can be sent to the SS laser cutting/bending shop.  Drawings were done with a 2D CAD program and the parts saved in .dxf format that the laser shop requires.  I had a friend weld up the tanks.  The three tanks and a few other SS parts cost $1300.00.  The welding cost $450.00.






The freshwater tank is over and in front of the passenger side rear wheel well under the bench seat.  Both the inlet and outlet 3/4" half couplings are located on the slider door end of the tank and the 3/8" vent and return water half couplings are located on top of the tank in the middle of the tank.  There are two 4" x 7" cleanout holes on the top of the tank with removable cover plates.  The tank is bolted to the 80/20 bench seat structure. Tank weighs 50 lbs.

The shower water tank is located at the bottom of the shower inside the shower enclosure.  The shower water tank is also the support pedestal for the portapotti to bring it up to the correct height.  The tank has an opening on the top for pump install, the fill opening and a hole to determine when water level is full.  On the side there is a 1/2" half coupling for installation of the electric heating element. Tank weighs 22 lbs.

The gray water tank is located under the floor parallel to the sliding door between the sliding door and the exhaust pipe. A 80/20 structure supports the tank.  The 80/20 structure is bolted to existing holes in the frame rail on one side and to the existing holes in body below the slider door.  The tank inlet is in the bottom of the tank and there is a internal vent/overflow 1" square tube that terminates 1/2" below the top of the tank.  There is a 4" x 7" cleanout hole in bottom of the tank with a removable cover plate. No openings on the top of the tank. Tank weighs 30 lbs.



Fresh Water Tank Drawing # ODJ127-11                                                


Shower Water Tank Drawing # ODJ127-25                                              


Gray Water Tank Drawing # ODJ127-67                                                    

If you want more PDF menu choices the drawing can be saved to your computer and then reopened with Adobe PDF Reader.  The Adobe PDF Reader is a better program to use for viewing.

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