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The water system is simpler than most conversions.  Only needed cold water at the sink and warm water for a shower.  No need for hot water.  The sink water and the shower water are two separate systems and not connected to each other.  Both the fresh water tank and the shower water tanks are located inside the van.  The gray water tank is outside under the van.  Both the sink and shower pan drain into the gray water tank.  In cold weather the gray water tank would be drained.

Did not want a pressurized water system so both fresh water and shower water are delivered using small quiet centrifugal pumps from non-pressure tanks.  Less chance of water leaks if neither system is pressurized.

The freshwater system has a 23 gallon tank located under the passenger side bench seat.  The fresh water centrifugal water pump is located below the tank at the back end of the slider door step.  The 5 gallon shower water tank is located at the bottom of the shower enclosure under the portapotti on the driver side of the van.  The shower water pump is inside the tank.  The 10 gallon gray water tank is located under the van floor between the slider door and the exhaust system.

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