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The cabinets were constructed using 80/20 style series 15 aluminum extrusions.  The cabinets are bolted together to create one large structure.  The lower cabinets are bolted to the floor 80/20 framework extrusions.  All cabinets are also bolted to the van walls.  Most of the extrusions were "T-Slots" brand which are interchangeable with the 80/20 brand extrusions.  Used "T-Slots because I could buy them locally to avoid truck shipping costs.  Extrusions can be bought with slots on all four sides or with some sides without slots.  Extrusions without slots on all sides are used in some locations to improve the appearance.  Used the lightest 80/20 series 15 extrusions. See the "Using 80/20" section on the HOME page for details.

Using 80/20 style extrusions makes it easier to build cabinets.  Using extrusions requires less fabrication skills.  Extrusions are easy to cut to length with a aluminum cutting blade on a wood chop saw.  Connectors are easy to make from angle and flat extrusions with the chop saw, a drill press and deburring sander.  Using extrusions allows bolting other items to the extrusions anywhere along the slots.

The aluminum extrusions are excellent conductors of heat or cold.  In order to reduce the heat transfer, all connections to the van steel need to be thermally isolated using wood or plastic insulators.  Structure is bolted to the van body at one location without insulation to electrically ground the structure.
The fasteners used are all stainless.  When using stainless nuts with stainless bolts a thread lubricant must be used to prevent galling.  I used "Saf-T-EZE"  anti-seize lubricant.  In the Sprinter build serrated flange nuts were used but some loosened from the van vibration.  Changed to elastic stop nuts for the Transit build.  The series 15 extrusion slots are designed for 5/16-18NC carriage bolts.  Always used carriage bolts wherever possible.

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