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The refrigerator cabinet is the left side of the refrigerator/shower 80/20 structure.  There are three sections.  Storage at the bottom, Vitrifrigo refrigerator in the middle and the "600" watt Westinghouse microwave at the top. Cabinet bolts to the 80/20 floor framework, to the wall and to the driver side bench seat.
































Bottom section below the refrigerator has a 25 1/2" tall x 23" wide door and is divided into three parts.  The 4" deep  12 volt DC distribution electrical is on the left side.  The electrical is accessed by removing a 7/32" cherry plywood wall panel on side of the cabinet.  The right side is divided by a shelf.  Behind the shelf between the shelf and the van wall is the 4" square floor hole vent.  Floor vent is screened and has a plywood cover that can be opened or closed with a lawn mower engine pull cord.  When cord is pulled handle can be hooked on a aluminum tab so vent remains open.  Pull handle off the tab and gravity closes the vent.

Middle 33 1/2" tall x 23" wide section has the 85 liter Vitrifrigo AC/DC refrigerator with a condenser radiator/fan at the bottom back.  Condenser location and design requires a vent hole in the side of the cabinet.  Additional rigid polyiso insulation 2 1/2" thick was installed around the sides, top and bottom.  2" of flexible closed cell foam was glued to the back of the refrigerator.  The Vitrifrigo refrigerator was purchased because the compressor was at the bottom back of the refrigerator instead of the normal top back location.  The freezer section of the refrigerator is much larger than refrigerators that have the compressor at the top.  Due to having the same design refrigeration system as a chest type refrigerator, the Vitrifrigo uses 1/3 less power than the 80 liter Dometic I had in the Sprinter.  I believe the  reason the chest type refrigerators are said to be more efficient is due to the condenser design and not because cold air falls out of a front opening refrigerator when you open the door.  A front opening refrigerator is easier to use and you can add additional insulation around the refrigerator.

Top 12 1/2" tall x 23" wide section has the "600" watt Westinghouse model # WCM660B microwave.  Microwave has simple time knob and heat level knob.  No pushbuttons or clock.  No power used when it is off. The microwave uses 950 watts and will run on a 1000 watt Magnum MMS1012 inverter/charger/transfer switch with a 255 amp-hr Lifeline AGM battery.  Microwave uses about 1% of the battery capacity for every 2 minutes of use.  Pop riveted two aluminum angle feet to the sheet metal microwave sides for hold down screws.  The front picture frame surround at the front of the microwave also holds it down and restrains side to side movement.


Refrigerator/Shower Cabinet Drawing # ODJ127-03                                  

If you want more PDF menu choices the drawing can be saved to your computer and then reopened with Adobe PDF Reader.  The Adobe PDF Reader is a better program to use for viewing

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