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The shower cabinet is the right side of the refrigerator/shower 80/20 structure.  The 29" wide shower cabinet is used for multiple purposes.  Did not want to waste that much space for a shower only enclosure.  Normal configuration has a shower pan on left side and a shower water tank on the right side at the bottom.  The shower water tank has a sloped top to direct the shower water to the shower pan.  The portapotti mounts on the top of the shower water tank.  Tank is the spacer to bring the portapotti up to the correct height.  These are permanently mounted.

Above the portapotti is a lower shelf that is used to hold two wood storage boxes.  One for non refrigerated food and the other for cooking pans.  The lower shelf is hinged so it can be lifted and placed vertical against the shower back wall or completely removed.  The upper shelf is also hinged to enable being placed vertical against the back wall of the shower or completely removed.  Upper shelf is at sink counter height so it more than doubles the countertop area.  At the top there are three removable towel rods.

To use the portapotti the upper shelf is pivoted and placed against the shower back wall.  The two storage boxes are removed.  The lower shelf is pivoted and placed against the shower back wall. Both shelves have rubber hinges and feet to prevent rattling.  That exposes the  Dometic model # 972 portapotti.  Portapotti lid has been removed. Portapotti has the optional "970 Hold Down Bracket Kit" bottom clips part # 700340075.  Clips secure the portapotti to the top of the shower water tank.

To use the space as a shower the three towel rods are removed, upper shelf is removed, two wood storage boxes are removed and the lower shelf is removed.  The shower water tank and the portapotti remain in place.




















The walls were 8mm Macrolux twin wall clear polycarbonate with 1/8" thick gray closed cell foam glued to the back of the polycarbonate to prevent squeaks and produce a gray color wall. The walls were changed to 1/8" grey PVC.  Did not like the look of the fender washers required with the Macrolux or the deformation at the bolts.  Above the PVC on the refrigerator side wall there are two toggle switches.  Top switch for the LED light above the shower and the lower switch to turn on/off the shower water pump.  On the back wall at the top there is a small shelf with storage containers.  On the driver seat side wall at the top is the selector switch electrical panel with the Magnum inverter remote.

The shower pan at the bottom is 14 Ga. 304 stainless steel with a 1" OD drain tube.  Pan had to be custom to fit the space.  The 6 gallon shower water tank is also custom 14 ga. stainless steel.  Tank has a coupling on the side for the 625 watt heating element and has a hole on the top to allow filling and to insert the submersible 12 volt DC water pump.  No drain on the tank.  To empty just pump out the water.  Pump has a garden hose quick disconnect to attach the shower hose to the pump.

The top towel rods are made like toilet paper roll shafts.  Rod is a 3/4" copper tube. Wood dowels are used at each end.  One end is fixed in place with a 1/8" roll pin and the other end is spring loaded using a spring between the two wood dowels.  The wood ends are cut to fit in the 80/20 slots.

Enclosure does not have a door or a shower curtain.  To shower, a towel is placed on the floor in front of the shower.  A radiator fill valve is used on the hose to provide full flow without a spray to reduce any overspray. First step is to stick head into shower to do the hair.  Second step is to get in shower to do the rest of the body.  Very little water gets on the aisle towel.  Not like a shower at home but you do get clean.


Refrigerator/Shower Cabinet Drawing # ODJ127-03                               

Shower Cabinet Shelf Drawing # ODJ127-57                                                

Shower Pan Drawing # ODJ127-66                                                                    

Shower Tank & Portapotti Support Drawing # ODJ127-25          

If you want more PDF menu choices the drawing can be saved to your computer and then reopened with Adobe PDF Reader.  The Adobe PDF Reader is a better program to use for viewing.

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