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The sink cabinet is located on passenger side of van at the slider door.  With an open slider door the steam and smells from cooking exit up and out the slider door opening.  Also prefer to see out the open slider door when standing at the sink.  The entry opening between the passenger seat back and the sink is about 19".  The portable propane stove can be used on the sink top, on the sink cabinet drop down table or on a picnic table.  Sink cabinet is constructed with 80/20 series 15 extrusions with 7/32" cherry plywood panels.  Door, drawer fronts and tables are 15/32" cherry plywood.  Sink cabinet height is 35 1/2" from floor to top of Corian counter.  The aisle width in front of sink from edge of Corian sink top to refrigerator cabinet is 23 1/2".

1.  SS undermount sink is a Miseno MSS1513C that is 12 3/4 x 11 x 7" deep.  Has drain fittings to adapt to a 1" ID rubber drain hose.  No trap required because drain hose path goes down below the gray water tank and then back up into the bottom of the tank to create a "trap".

2.  There are three drawers on the left side of the cabinet.  They are 3" short of the cabinet depth to allow for storage behind the drawers.
3.  The right side of the cabinet has a door for access under the sink.  Door has a full length 3" continuous aluminum hinge bolted to the 80/20 extrusion leg.
4.  The two burner CampChef Ranger II propane stove is stored at bottom of the sink cabinet.  There is a 6" high opening without a door to store the stove.  The CampChef has 17,000 btu burners.  Originally had a 10,000 btu burner stove that could not boil water in windy conditions.  Also have a single burner butane stove.
5.  There is a fold up table on the forward end of the cabinet that is used with a swiveled passenger seat.  Table also is on a slide so it can be moved 6" sideways to better line up with the seat.
6.  On the back of the sink there is a 24" x 24" fold down table that can be used when the slider door is open.  Table is supported by a door below the table that swings out.
7.  Behind the fold down table there is a 3" deep storage compartment.  The 10" water hose with nozzle, the water filter and the drain extension pipe are stored in the compartment.
8.  Under the sink there is a 4" square LED light to illuminate outside the slider door.
9.  The fresh water fill tube is located at the top under the sink top and used with slider door open.
10.  On the aft end of the sink there is a paper towel holder.
11.  Under the sink there is a 6 position DC fuse block for the passenger side 12 volt loads.  There also is a 120 volt AC duplex outlet and a 12 volt DC plug socket.
12.  On the forward end of the sink there is a light switch, a 120 volt AC duplex outlet and a 12 volt DC plug socket.  The light switch operates the two lights above the sink and can be reached from outside the slider door or when standing in front of the sink.
13.  The DC centrifugal water pump is located at the back of the slider step.  The pump and piping manifold are supported off a sink 80/20 extrusion.
14.  The pump on/off switch is located on the wall behind the sink.
15. The water supply hose from the fresh water tank is declined from the tank to the pump inlet.  The pump has a tee at the pump discharge.  One side of the tee goes to a ball valve with a hose quick disconnect that can supply pressurized water or used to drain the tank.  The other outlet of the tee goes to the sink faucet.  There is a clear section of plastic pipe going up to the faucet.  The fresh water tank level can be seen in the clear pipe.  There is also a second tee in the faucet supply pipe.  A small amount of water returns to the tank when pump is running to prevent the pump from overheating if pump is on and faucet is off.
16.  The sink faucet is a single knob faucet for only cold water.  Faucet is a Aravon # Art. 02 Tetra.  No hot water at the sink.
17.  The vehicle jack had to be removed from under the passenger seat to make room for the seat swivel.  Jack is bolted to a 80/20 sink leg extrusion behind the table support door.
18.  Counter top is 1/2" Corian.  Corian counter top extends 3 1/2" into the slder door opening to increase the counter top depth.
19.  The three drawer boxes were purchased from Western Dovetail.  The 15/32" cherry plywood drawer faces were screwed and glued to the drawer boxes.  The drawer guide is wood on the bottom center of the drawer.  The latches are black plastic Southco # M1-63.  Handles lift to unlatch.  The latches rattled with metal latch plates so replaced the latch plate with 3/8" rubber plates.  These latches work very well.
The fold up table on the forward end of the sink is 19" wide x 21" long.  Table slides on a 1" 80/20 series 10 extrusion using 80/20 # 6715 linear bearing.  The slides require a # 6780 shim set to reduce the slop in the linear bearings.  The table is supported by swing out table support.  A 3/8" rubber pad that fits in a notch in the table keeps the table from moving when in stored position.


Sink Cabinet drawing # ODJ127-02                                                              

Sink Cabinet Side Table Drawing # ODJ127-17                                       

If you want more PDF menu choices the drawing can be saved to your computer and then reopened with Adobe PDF Reader.  The Adobe PDF Reader is a better program to use for viewing.

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