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The design of the bed platform had several requirements.  Both the bed platform and the table had to be easily removed or stored to allow van to be used to haul cargo.  The table and bench seats needed to accommodate four people when the bed panels were stored against the van walls.  The bed platform was split into two sections so the front half of the table and bench seats could be used as a table for two people.













The bed platform consists of four 27" wide x 31 7/8" long panels that are hinged at the top of the bench seat backs.  The panels swing down from the stored vertical position against the walls to sit on top of the table to form the bed platform.  The mattress consists of two 24" x 70" x 2 1/2" REI self inflating camp pads for each person.  A zero degree sleeping bag is used on top of the two camp pads.  During the day the front half of the bedding is lifted up and placed on the back bed and the front two panels are pivoted up and stored against the walls.  The panels are held in vertical position by a 3/8" thick rubber latch tab. The front half of the table and bench seats are then exposed to provide a place for two people to sit at a table.

The four bed panels are a composite sandwich construction.  Top surface is 7/32" cherry plywood, middle is 1" closed cell polyisocyanurate rigid insulation and the bottom surface is 3/16" indoor/outdoor carpet.  The 3" McMaster-Carr # 1581A5631 aluminum continuous hinge is cut to length with bolt holes added in one leaf and pop rivet holes in the other leaf.  The panel has a 1" x 2" aluminum tube at the hinge end and a 1" square aluminum tube at the other end.  Cherry panel sides and a center wood support.  Panel parts are glued together and are light with insulation.  The carpet prevents noise when down, scratching of the table top and is the wall covering when panels are stored vertically.

The 32" x 48" table is bolted to the floor with four removable bolts and can be removed in less than 5 minutes by one person.  Table top is 15/32" cherry plywood.  Plywood edges are painted the same color as the finished plywood. Backbone and legs are 3/4" x 3" 80/20 extrusions.

Hinged Bed Platform Drawing # ODJ127-16    

Table Drawing # ODJ127-77                              

If you want more PDF menu choices the drawing can be saved to your computer and then reopened with Adobe PDF Reader.  The Adobe PDF Reader is a better program to use for viewing.

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