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There are two curtains.  The curtain at the back is a single curtain between the rear doors and the back edge of the bed platform.  Back curtain covers from ceiling to 2 1/2" below the bed platform.  The front curtain is made in three parts.  One center curtain and two side curtains. Curtains were made by Strawfoot in Santa Cruz, Ca.














The back curtain has two nylon cloth layers with 1/2" removable Thinsulate between the cloth layers.  The two cloth layers are open on the sides so Thinsulate can be installed in the winter and removed in the summer.  The Thinsulate is held up inside the curtain with magnet pairs.  The back curtain hangs from four 1/2" wood pegs.  Back curtain has four metal grommets that slide over the pegs.  There is also a short length of 3M Duel-Lock at the center to prevent sagging.

The front curtain has the same construction as the back curtain except there are three parts to allow entry/exit.  The two side curtains overlap the center curtain by 4".  The center curtain hangs from a 3/4" copper tube at the ceiling down to the floor.  The two side curtains hang from plywood hangers that slide on the upper cabinet bottom 1 1/2" 80/20 extrusion.  The side curtains hang from bottom of upper cabinet to the top of the bench seats.  The center curtain 3/4" copper rod has rubber crutch ends on the tube.  There are 1/8" x 1" aluminum tabs bolted to the upper cabinet top 80/20 extrusion to support the rod. 

The front curtain can hang at three different rear locations.  For one person sleeping front curtain is located 27" in front of the back curtain.  For two people sleeping the front curtain is located 54" in front of the back curtain.  Front curtain can also be located just behind the back of the sliding door and in that location only requires one side curtain.

The center curtain and one side curtain can also hang from a rod just behind the cab seats for privacy when taking a shower.

The expectation was the insulated curtains enclosing a small sleeping area would retain some of the 12 volt heating pad and body heat at night.  Seems to work to make inside the tent a few degrees warmer than outside the tent.  Expected a much larger degree difference.  Will do some additional testing this winter.

When the front curtain is hung close to the back of the van it is difficult to tell if someone is sleeping in the van.  Helps with stealth city street camping.  When city camping the front part of the van is open without any window covers.  The curtains with Thinsulate do reduce the noise level inside the tent.

Insulated Privacy Curtains Drawing # ODJ127-72                                            

If you want more PDF menu choices the drawing can be saved to your computer and then reopened with Adobe PDF Reader.  The Adobe PDF Reader is a better program to use for viewing.

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