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build pages/electrical/fuse panel 

The fuse panel is located on side of the refrigerator cabinet at the bottom of the cabinet on the driver side.  Panel is located in center of the cargo area to reduce wire lengths. 15/32" plywood component mounting plate is located so the cabinet depth is  4 1/4".  The cabinet is 9 1/2" wide x 25 1/2" tall.  Cabinet has a 7/32" plywood removable panel for access.  There are 4 components inside the cabinet.  A 12 position Blue Sea # 5026 fuse block, a Magnum ME-BMK battery monitor, a 15 amp MorningStar Sun Saver MPPT solar controller and a PowerPulse battery conditioner.  The panel size is about twice as large as what I had in the sold Sprinter conversion.  Much easier to wire components with adequate space.







One fuse in the 12 position fuse block has a 30 amp fuse and that fuse powers the 6 position Blue Sea # 5025 fuse block that is located under the sink on the passenger side for passenger side loads.  In the sold Sprinter the Morningstar MPPT solar controller was located where I could see the indicator lights.  That was a problem at night due to flashing lights.  Had to cover it.  Moved the controller inside the cabinet because found that I never needed to see the indicator lights.

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