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The Ford wire duct along the driver side wall is very large and has multiple pieces.  The stock Ford wire duct was discarded. The location of the exposed wire loom would interfere with the upper rear cabinets so needed to be moved up the wall so the new location was inside the cabinet.  The problem was part of the loom that has wiring going down the wall at the driver side rear corner of the van could not be moved up the wall.  Not enough slack in the wiring to move it up the wall.  Solved the problem by changing the wire path to a sensor that is over the wheel housing.  Unplugged that sensor and moved that wire higher up the wall.  Another restriction was the wiring going to the driver side rear lights.  Again revised the wire path in the rear door frame to gain wire length.  Did not cut any wires.  Was able to move the wall wire loom up the wall with these two changes.  Replaced the large Ford wire duct with a Panduit brand solid wall 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" wire duct with a snap on cover.  Duct part # is FS1.5 x 1.5LG6 and the snap on cover is part # CI 1.5LG6.  These are 6' long parts.  Drilled holes for 1/8" aluminum Pop Rivets to attach the duct to the wall.  That worked until I got to the steel above the slider door location and found it too tough to drill.  Must be Boron steel. Used three existing holes to install 1/4-20NC Plusnuts to bolt the front part of the wire way to the wall.  Wire duct is still accessible to allow removal of the snap on cover.  I did add some of my conversion wiring cords in the wire duct with the original Ford loom.














There was also a Ford wire duct that went from the side wall duct over the rear doors.  That also was discarded.  I built a 80/20 framed box above the doors that bolted to the two upper cabinets.  The box creates an enclosure for the loom and some of my conversion wiring cords.  Installed one of the original Ford LED lights on the bottom of the box with a switch.

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