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The selector switch panel is installed at the top of the shower enclosure wall behind the driver.  The controls are operated from the shower side of the wall.  Shower water does not reach the panel area.





The items on the panel are:
1. A Blue Sea # 9009 three position selector switch to select shore power or power from the vehicle powered inverter or off.

2. A 15 amp double pole circuit breaker wired between the two selector switches.

3. A Blue Sea # 9010 four position selector switch to send 120 volt power to the Magnum house inverter or to the shower water heater or to the Broan baseboard air heater or off.  Selecting the Magnum inverter operates the Magnum transfer switch which powers the string of duplex outlets in the van.  House battery charging can then be started by pushing the charger start button on the Magnum remote.

4.  The Magnum ME-RC50 remote control for the Magnum house inverter.

5.  A digital voltmeter to show the Transit battery voltage.  The second Transit "user defined" switch is used to power the voltmeter.

6.  The male end of the pull out power cord for the water heating element.
The front of the panel can be removed for access.  There is also a removable access panel on the driver side of the switch panel enclosure.  The power cords up to the panel and the power cords down to the loads are zip tied to the shower enclosure 80/20 structure.  The water heater power cord pulls out from the panel, across the shower enclosure and can be plugged into either a shore power duplex outlet or into a duplex outlet powered by the Magnum inverter and the house battery.  When weather conditions permit and I know I will have excess solar power available, I can heat water using the house inverter/battery.  The water heating can be done with the house battery without the Transit engine running.  Shower water heating uses about 10% of the 255 amp-hr house battery capacity to heat 5 gallons to 95 degrees in about 45 minutes.  Using the vehicle powered inverter does not use house battery capacity but requires the Transit engine to be running.  The above system was replaced with a portable shower water heater using a Sous Vide cooking water heater installed in an Igloo cooler.  The new method heats 3 gallons of shower water in 20 minutes from 65 degrees to 95 degrees and uses about 6% of the 255 amp-he battery capacity.

Had two problems with this panel installation.  Found out that the Magnum house inverter will not operate the transfer switch if the Magnum remote is not connected to the Magnum inverter.  Second problem occurred when I removed the two jumpers that were installed on the Blue Sea # 9010 four position selector switch.  Found out the jumpers need to remain installed for the switch to function correctly.

The completed panel lets me select where the power comes from and select which load the power is sent to.  Due to the limited amount of power available from the Samlex vehicle powered inverter only the Magnum or the water heater or the air heater can run at the same time.  Due to the panel design the real shore power also is limited to only one load at a time.

Selector Switch Panel Drawing # ODJ127-12      

If you want more PDF menu choices the drawing can be saved to your computer and then reopened with Adobe PDF Reader.  The Adobe PDF Reader is a better program to use for viewing.

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