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The house 12 volt system is located in the center of the van to limit wire lengths and where I had space available.  The 8D AGM battery is located in front of the driver's side rear wheel well housing under the bench seat.  The fuse, disconnect switch, shunt, positive busbar and negative busbar are located above the battery and below the seat top.  The 1000 watt  Magnum MMS1012 inverter/charger/transfer switch is located above the left wheel well housing.  The longest # 2 AWG cable is about 17" long.














Wanted the 8D battery inside to limit the cable lengths and eliminate the holes in the floor.  Bought the 255 amp-hr 8D instead of multiple batteries to keep the wiring simpler and to make it easier to install in less space.  The 8D is oversize for my application.  The oversize battery may be the reason I can power a "600" watt microwave.

The house electrical cabinet is located at bottom of the refrigerator wall.  It has the 12 position DC fuse block, the Morningstar solar controller, the Power Pulse battery conditioner and the Magnum ME-BMK  on the panel. The 12 volt house battery power is connected to a Blue Sea # 5026 twelve  position fuse block.  There is a 50 amp DC circuit breaker between the positive bus and the fuse block. DC loads on the left side of van are powered from the 12 position fuse block. A second Blue Sea # 5025 six position fuse block is located on right side of van under the sink and powered from the 12 position fuse block.  The DC loads on that side of the van are powered from the 6 position fuse block. 

The house 12 volt system is not grounded to the chassis.  Two wires to every load.  The system would work if it was removed from the van and set on the driveway.  The reason it does not need to be grounded to the chassis is I do not directly charge from the vehicle alternator.

There are three methods of charging the house battery.  The primary method is the 300 watt solar panel.  If that does not provide enough power, I can use the Magnum charger function.  The charger can be powered by shore power or "shore power" from the vehicle powered second inverter.  All charging is done with a quality 3 stage charger that is programmed to match the charge profile suggested for the Lifeline 8D battery.  The house battery is never directly connected to the vehicle battery.  Using "shore power" to charge is a backup in case extended gray days force the use of the backup charging method.  Have not needed to use the backup charging in last two years.  All charging has been done with the 300 watt solar panel.

12 volt Hardware Installation Drawing # ODJ127-38  

If you want more PDF menu choices the drawing can be saved to your computer and then reopened with Adobe PDF Reader.  The Adobe PDF Reader is a better program to use for viewing.

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